Community Living Hamilton has launched an ambitious campaign to fund a transformational project: a brand new 23,000 sq. ft. respite centre that will serve people of all ages with developmental disabilities – kids to seniors – and their families.

This one-time, long-term capital investment is a 40-year solution that will see:

  • Increased quality and quantity of respite
    • 2,190 more bed-nights
    • 3,200 more day-service hours
  • More short-notice and emergency care
  • Greater capacity for the care of clients with severe and complex disability

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Case for Support

A large part of our work at Community Living Hamilton focuses on caregivers. They need a break when the demands and challenges of caring for someone with an developmental disability become too great. Respite care provides essential relief.

Community Living Hamilton already offers day and night respite services for children and adults at several locations. However, these sites are not purpose built for respite care and present barriers to access.

What’s more, the community need is far greater than current resources can accommodate. Right now, more than 250 children and almost 600 adults and their families are waiting for respite care. Children’s families face a wait time of about 17 months for respite, while adults’ families wait almost twice as long.

To help fill this critical gap, our new respite centre will provide urgently needed capacity for short- and long-stay respite for up to eight children and teens as well as eight adults at a time in single-bed bedrooms. Staff will be able to coordinate support for all ages and provide continuity of care as children become adults.

With greater respite capacity, we can ease the caregiving burden on local families. We can help alleviate caregiver stress and its related health challenges. We can ensure that families are supported and cared for, and that we have a richer, more diverse community where everyone is included and has a chance to realize their full potential.

The New Centre

The new respite centre features 23,000 sq. ft. of space on a 60,000 sq. ft. property. Modern, light-filled and accessible, it will provide safe and appropriate space for day and overnight respite services.

Children and adults will continue to have distinct space and entrances as well as specialized programming, each in an intimate home-like environment.

Our Supporters

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Help us build a future.

Your donation will help make this extraordinary centre a reality. Kids and adults living with an developmental disability – and their families – deserve to be included and fully supported in our community. Why not include them in your charitable giving and support their needs?

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